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Photo Dr Nirdosh - Celebrity Cosmetic Doctor, London - Donna Coulling

Dr Nirdosh's Books

With a view to helping her readers understand the impact of aging skin, Dr Nirdosh (Page web Dr Nirdosh - Donnacoulling.com) has outlined the problems in her publication, “The Celebrity Secret To Youth”. Making aging women much more familiar with the causes of their skin quality decline is just one of the objectives that Dr Nirdosh has accomplished with her publications. She has found writing books to be highly valuable in distributing her ideas and emphasising the magnitude of the issues of getting older.

Hair Treatments

Shampoo and conditioner are a few of the remedies provided by Dr Nirdosh for managing hair loss. Individuals dealing with hair deficiencies need not fear, as Dr Nirdosh has a great number of plans she can offer such people. Hair treatment is not the core speciality of her clinics.

Pioneering and Developing Anti-Aging Treatments

Dr Nirdosh has uncovered the secrets of the human body and explains them in her books. Dr. Nirdosh has printed publications that have ended up as best-sellers, which indicates significant public anxiety levels regarding this subject. No matter what age somebody is, Dr Nirdosh is equipped to make their unique skin look substantially more youthful. In the beginning, she encountered much resistance from the public. Presently, however, she is viewed in far better light.


She uses the health supplements to augment the level of nutrition in clients' systems. A person's beauty and cosmetics medical care can reap impressive results from the use of her health supplements. Dr Nirdosh advocates a range of medications, which she offers to the patients and individuals that go to see her at her surgery.